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The Taper Tool is a purpose-built tape applicator designed to save time and money and improve the quality of taping jobs. By allowing the operator to walk upright, the Taper Tool brings a greater level of ease and efficiency to commercial and trade show applications.
Kord Taper


Simplify the process of taping down cords and cables with the Kord Taper.


It's unique design combines the same roller system used in the Karpet and Top Taper models with a specially-designed guide tip that removes the twist from flat cord and centers the cord beneath the tape as it is applied to the floor. With set up that takes only seconds and upright operation that allows the operator to work while on two feet (instead of on hands and knees), the Kord Taper saves time and gives the finished work a clean and professional look.

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Karpet Taper


(aka Bradley Taper, Bradley Seamer, Carpet Plow)


With its innovative design and durable construction, the Karpet Taper takes the hands-and-knees out of taping down carpet and saves time in the process.


Using the same roller system as the Kord and Top Tapers, combined with a purpose-built shoe, the Karpet Taper allows the operator to apply double-face tape to carpet seams in one streamlined operation while remaining upright. With the attachment of the second-roll adapter, sold separately, a second tape can be applied simultaneously, further improving efficiency.

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Top Taper
With a simple yet ingenious design, the Top Taper reduces the time and labor required to tape down floor coverings while delivering a professional, high-quality job.
With a simplified roller design and no need for specialized attachments, the Top Taper allows the operator to quickly mark aisles for travel and safety as well as secure miscellaneous floor coverings.
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